Friday, January 20, 2017

Camerons And Tor Castle

Dunachton, past and present: episodes in the history of the Mackintoshes...Charles Fraser MACKINTOSH Advertiser Office, 1866 - 53 pages

In 1590:

...Jean, daughter of Sir Ewen Cameron of Lochiel...:

...MacKintosh of Torcastle, against Ewen Cameron of Lochiel, 5th July 1661:

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Brownstown And The Strait Of Detroit Area

A Geographical, Historical, Commercial, and Agricultural View of the United ... By Daniel Blowe:

"This strait receives the rivers Rouge, Ecource, and Maguago, and Brownstown creeks."

Note:  See Ecorse Township, part of Wayne County, Michigan, and the Detroit River, below on the map.


Saturday, January 14, 2017

British Colonel McKee

Source (Blog)

Col. Alexander McKee was Indian Agent at [or near] Pittsburg-before the Revolutionary War, after the outbreak-of which he was imprisoned by the revolutionists at Pittsburg. He effected his escape and co-operated with Sir John Johnson among the Indians, becoming Deputy Superintendent-General. In 1778 he traveled through the Indian territory to Detroit, and greatly assisted in maintaining friendly relations between the tribes and the British Crown. He was a Justice of the Court of Common Pleas at Detroit. His services were greatly appreciated by Lord Dorchester, and in his death on the 14th January, 1799, the, service lost an able and devoted officer. [Source]

McKee was listed as a British Officer at Malden.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Study God's Word In The Morning

"My practice was this: I devoted the forenoon of every day, except Monday, to the preparation of my discourses. My motto was: 'Study God's Word in the morning, and door-plates in the afternoon.' I found the physical exercise in itself a benefit, and the spiritual benefits were ten-fold more." 

 Recollections of a Long Life  An Autobiography, by Theodore Ledyard Cuyler.


"Washington Irving has somewhere said that it is a happy thing to have been born near some noble mountain or attractive river or lake, which should be a landmark through all the journey of life, and to which we could tether our memory. I have always been thankful that the place of my nativity was the beautiful village of Aurora, on the shores of the Cayuga Lake in Western New York. My great-grandfather, General Benjamin Ledyard, was one of its first settlers, and came there in 1794."

"During the summer of 1840, when I was a college student at Princeton, I went with a friend to the office of the Log Cabin, a Whig campaign newspaper then published in Nassau Street, New York. It was during the famous Tippecanoe campaign, which resulted in the election of General Harrison. I was introduced to a singular looking man in rustic dress. Horace Greeley, for it was he, who sat before me, has been often described as a man with the 'face of an angel, and the walk of a clod-hopper."'

One of the number [of young ladies in church] happened to be a young lady from Ohio who had just graduated from the Granville College, in that State, and had come East to visit her relatives in Philadelphia. The young lady just mentioned was Miss Annie E. Mathiot... .  My courtship was rather "at long range;" for Newark, Ohio, was several hundred miles away, and I have always found that a man who would build up a strong church must be constantly at it, trowel in hand.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Lord In Waiting

Nigel Tranter's historical novel, Lord In Waiting (A Turbulent 15th Century Tale Of Drama And Intrigue) is the second book of Tranter's Mary Stewart trilogy, the sequel to Price of a Princess.

Some of the principal characters include:

James the Third; King of Scots
Queen Margaret of Denmark, wife of the King
James Stewart, Duke of Rothesay, son of the King and later King James 4th
Alexander Stewart, Duke of Albany and brother of King James
John Stewart, Earl of Mar; younger brother of the King
Princess Mary, the elder sister of King James, Princess Royal
James, Lord Hamilton, married to Princess Mary
John Douglas, Lord of Douglasdale; younger son of the 4th Earl of Angus
Archibald, 5th Earl of Angus; Head of the Red Douglas house
Elizabeth Boyd, Archibald's wife, Countess of Angus
John MacDonald, Earl of Ross, Lord of the Isles