Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Militia Commissions

From The Kentuckians:

Boys, Virginia has claimed title to the new country and has set it up as a new county.  Kentucky County! [news from Billy Bush] 
"I got the militia commissions here.  David Robinson was named the county lieutenant...that was the highest militia office in a county.  John Bowman was named colonel; Anthony Bledsoe was the lieutenant colonel; George Rogers Clark, major; John Todd, Benjamin Logan, Daniel Boone and James Harrod, captains.  I felt just a little disappointed.  Not over me not being named.  Lord, no.  But because they'd put Virginians in the highest offices."

Holston River On The Map

"We didn't even know David Robinson or John Bowman, and Anthony Bledsoe ran an ordinary over on the Long Island of the Holston.  Those were the appointments made by the Assembly.  But David Robinson didn't accept, and Bledsoe ain't going to.  He's got too good a business where he is to give it up, he says."

Thursday, November 17, 2016

November 1861

Thrilling adventures of Daniel Ellis, the great Union guide of east ...:

"Being a citizen of Carter County I united with the company which had been selected to burn the bridge over the Holston River at the town of Union in Sullivan County, Tennessee.

Between Elizabethton And Johnson City

The bridge over the Watauga River at Carter Depot, six miles from Elizabethton, Tennessee, escaped destruction owing to the fact that a company of rebel soldiers were stationed there."