Sunday, July 19, 2015

Detroit's Last French Commandant

Plat Map Of Detroit Circa 1708

A military expedition by Belestre was mentioned in the Journal of J. L., of Quebec, merchant By John Lees...

"Settlers took shelter at the time descent was made on the German Flatts in the beginning of the last War, by a party from Canada, under the command of *Captain Billeter."

*"Billeter--Francois Marie Picote de Bellestre was the last French Commandant at Detroit.  He died at Quebec about May 20, 1793.  At that time he was member of the legislative council of Lower Canada."

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bellestre At Braddock's Defeat

From Historical Collections, Volume 34

It is probable that Belestre [Francois Marie Picote de Bellestre] was in command of a body of Indians in the battle of Braddock's defeat July 9, 1755. In the succeeding year he is mentioned as being at Fort Duquesne (Pittsburgh) with 250 Miamis and Ontaganons, and there were 300 more Indians from Detroit and 700 from Mackinac under Repentigny.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lament For Arthur O'Leary


"He [Arthur O'Leary] had been an officer in the Hungarian service and was married to a daughter of Daniel O'Connel [Eileen*] of Derrynane (grandfather to the Liberator). On his becoming a resident in Ireland, his influence over the peasantry of his old patrimonial district excited the jealousy of Mr. [Abraham] Morris... ."

"Two men were placed in ambuscade...who, on O'Leary's approach, fired at him." "Another shot from the soldiers laid him dead on the road."

"It seems that Morris was tried in Cork for O'Leary's death, but was acquitted. The relatives of the deceased, animated now by wild feelings of revenge, watched their opportunity [7 July 1773]...".

*--Eibhlín Dhubh Ní Chonaill (ca 1743-1800)