Monday, May 26, 2008

Adelicia's First Plantation

I found this novel, "The Last Plantation," through my research. When we visited the Angola Prison museum in Louisiana, the archives/office there had several items related to the original owners of the Angola Property -- Isaac & Adelicia Franklin (and later Adelicia's second husband, Joseph A. S. Acklin). My ancestor, Elizabeth Acklin Hinds, was Joseph Acklin's aunt. Adelicia and Isaac were the original owners of the Fairvue Plantation, later owned by Ellen Wemyss, and the subject of the dedication in the book.

[Letter From The Angola Prison Archives Relating To Fairview - click to enlarge]

THE LAST PLANTATION by Don Wright, published 1990

Dedicated to “Miss Ellen Wemyss,” “Mistress of Fairview

“Clayton Harris was mistaken when he said, “We who came before eighteen sixty-five have seen the last plantation.” Through you, Mrs. Wemyss, a select few of us who have been fortunate enough to know you (we who came after 1865) have been given a renewed opportunity to see ‘The Last Plantation,’ for you, and Fairview are true, genteel Southerners of the old style.” We of Sumner county love you. ---Don Wright

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