Sunday, July 20, 2008

So Red The Rose

One review of "So Red The Rose," by Stark Young, published in 1934, in The Commonweal, stated that:

"To read it is to experience a strange sensation one is not reading at all, but rather meeting and learning to know and love some exquisitely sensitive and brave people."

It is a novel set primarily in Natchez, Mississippi, in the Civil War era, and based on the author's McGehee relatives. The McGehees were related to the Acklins (and Hunts, Hills, etc., who went to Texas) and the Acklins were relatives of mine (although the McGehees were not related to me). Additional information concerning the McGregor connection to the McGehee family is here.

Comparisons between Gone With The Wind and So Red The Rose have been made and it is the last entry on this list of 200 Most Important Confederate Books. An interesting take on the book, entitled "A Novel The State Doesn't Want You To Read," is found here. A critique of Stark Young's style can be found here.

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