Tuesday, December 9, 2008

English Queens - Isabel The Fair

Isabel The Fair by Margaret Campbell Barnes is a novel about Isabel, daughter of Philip The Fair, King of France, and wife of Edward II, King of England. Isabel's first nemesis was Piers Galveston; her second was Hugh despencer.

A blog dedicated to Edward II of England and a specific entry about Hugh despencer.
Descendants of Hugh le Despencer are listed here. A Despencer blog can be found here. Is Hugh Despencer an ancestor of Gerrard Spencer and therefore an ancestor of mine? It appears as though Gerrard Spencer was descended from Geoffrey (did this Geoffrey marry Emma?) and Geoffrey's brother Hugh was the father of Hugh who was a major character in the novel. Does this support or debunk the connection? Need more time to go through it thoroughly.
21. Gerrard Spencer was the son of Michael Spencer, and was baptized at
Stratford, England, in 1576. He was the grandson of John Spencer who
married Ann Gerrard, a daughter of Sir William Gerrard, Lord Mayor of
London, 1555. It was from this grandparent that he received his name,
which was provincialized to Jared in New England.

Henry Spencer and Isabelle Lincoln, my ancestors (via Gerrard Spencer) and also ancestors of Prince William of England through his mother Diana, per this site.  Other descendants 
include Winston Churchill, George Washington, Franklin Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge and 
George Bush.

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