Tuesday, July 28, 2009

James J. Strang, "King of Beaver Island," In Fiction

The story of James J. Strang, the "King of Beaver Island," was set in fiction by James Oliver Curwood, and entitled "The Courage of Captain Plum."

On page 48 of the Curwood book there is a reference to two men being whipped because of "knee skirts" (bloomers). My blog, Detour Through History, has more about this incident, which eventually led to the murder of Strang. The whipping of the men who defied Strang started on Page 106.

Page 80 told of how James J. Strang "...enthralled a state legislature and had hypnotized a Federal grand jury into giving him back his freedom when evidence smothered him in crime." Strang's trial was held about 20 June 1851 in Detroit and presided over by the Hon. Ross Wilkins. President Millard Fillmore, tipped off about the situation on Beaver Island by his brother Charles, got involved in the situation that eventually brought Strang to trial.

James J. Strang also served two terms in the Michigan legislature!

The arrival of the ship, Michigan, occurred on Page 304 of the Curwood book.

This blog summarized many aspects of James Strang's life.

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