Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ask A Librarian & See What Happens

While searching for Lt. John Clendenin, I got a "hit" in the book shown below. However, only a "snippet" view of the book was available online. It occurred to me to send an e-mail to the Library of Virginia (after checking to make sure that book was part of their inventory) and voila! A reference librarian sent a copy of the page that mentioned Lt. Clendenin to me.

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The e-mail I sent:

I would like the information regarding Lt. John Clendenin
contained in this book:
The Orderly Book of Captain Benjamin Taliaferro, 2d Virginia
Detachment, Charleston, South Carolina, 1780:
2d Virginia Detachment Charleston, South Carolina, 1780.
By Virginia Infantry 2d Regt., 1776-1783, Benjamin Taliaferro,
Lee A. Wallace Published by Virginia State Library, 1979

According to GOOGLE, Clendenin is referred to on paged 47 & n. 21

The response I received via e-mail:
Dear Mrs. Palm: Note 21 on page 47 states that "Captain James Powers and John Clendenin, a first lieutenant, were both of the 3d North Carolina." The information on page 47 consists mainly of a Barrack Order dated February 1, 1780. It is too lengthy to be emailed, but I will send you a copy of the page by "snail mail.".
D. F., Reference Librarian

Don't forget to ask a reference librarian for specific items. I've asked librarians to look in city directories for a specific name in a specific year and they have always come through for me. Reference Librarians are a tremendous resource.

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