Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Aide To General George Washington & Other Descendants of Thomas Baylies

Reminiscences of the Baylies and Richmond families (1875) by Mary Richmond Baylies Allen, is a story of her ancestors, Thomas & Esther (Sargent) Baylies, and others.

Mary, the daughter of Thomas and Esther, married Col. Ezra Richmond, who is a descendant of John Richmond and is noted in the Joshua Bailey Richmond book.

Details of the marriage of Thomas & Esther (Sergeant) Baylies

A prisoner of war during the Revolutionary War, Major Hodijah Baylies, was an aide-de-camp to General Benjamin Lincoln and after his release, was an aide to General George Washington. General Lincoln was appointed the first Secretary of War and Major Baylies married General Lincoln's daughter, Elizabeth.

Other intermarriages between the Richmond and Baylies families as noted in Mrs. Allen's book:

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