Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spotswood Henry Recruited William Hinds for War of 1812

As a tribute to veterans, allowed free access to its military records.  Thanks to Ancestry, some additional information was found concerning William Hinds' service in the War of 1812.

From "Records of Men Enlisted in the U.S. Army Prior to the Peace Establishment, May 17, 1815":

Page 304
Hinds, William
Regiment: 2nd U.S.
Org.: Artillery
Company Commander: Spotswood Henry
Where Born: (Blank)
When Born: Aug 18/13??? (The entry may mistakenly been when recruited?)
Enlisted Where: (Blank)
Enlisted by Whom: Capt. Henry
Period of Enlistment: 5 years
Remarks:  M. R. dated Province Island Barracks  October 23, 1812, present.  Died June 25/13
See Pension Case (Book 668 or 618?)

I now know that William Hinds was recruited by Spotswood Henry* and that he was in the U.S. Army, not the Virginia militia.  I knew that a pension had been received by his wife and children, but did not have a pension case number.  I knew his date of death, but had never seen any mention of Province Island Barracks.
 *Captain Spotswood Henry was probably Alexander Spotswood Henry, the son of Patrick Henry

William Hinds lived in Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia.  The History of Southwest Virginia... has an account of Captain Spotswood Henry's recruiting efforts.

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