Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Adventures Of The 118th NY (Adirondack Regiment)

Three years with the Adirondack Regiment  by John Lovell Cunningham, originally the First Lieutenant of Company "F," combined his memoirs with diary entries from his Civil War soldiering days.

My ancestor, David Swinyer, served in Company "C" of the 118th New York (Adirondack) Regiment.

The companies were organized:

Guards were assigned to ensure that none of the recruits headed for Canada rather than the battleground:
The staff of Company "C":

Mrs. [Artemus] Fay, the wife of a Company "C" sergeant, was a well-respected camp follower who "rendered helpful service in the hospitals...":

The 118th's first assignment after receiving their equipment (Enfield rifles, tents and other camp necessities):

A near miss:

Participation in the following battles:

118th's service in chronological order:

David C. Swinyer in the alpha roster of 118th's soldiers:

The New York State Military Museum and Veterans Research Center's link concerning the 118th.

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