Monday, April 11, 2011

Did John Brown Plan His Harper's Ferry In Detroit?

 From the History of the Twenty-Fourth Michigan of the Iron Brigade (known as the Detroit and Wayne County Regiment) was published in 1891, was an account of John Brown's arrival in Detroit with 14 slaves from Missouri.  It is asserted that John Brown, Frederick Douglass and several others met at 185 East Congress Street in what seemed to be a planning session for Brown's raid at Harper's Ferry (Douglass did not endorse Brown's plan -- see Michigan Historical Marker):

The History of Detroit: a chronicle... (1912) identified additional planners, including William Webb (see Webbs in the 1861 Detroit Directory) at whose house Brown and the others met:

From the History of Detroit and Michigan (1884):

185 Congress East, Detroit, Michigan

Google Maps - 185 E. Congress, Detroit, Michigan

 The ill-fated raid by John Brown upon Harper's Ferry did have roots in Detroit.  During our travels an Iowa connection to John Brown was also discovered.

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