Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Detroit In The French-Indian War Prelude

 In honor of Detroit's 307th birthday, July 24, 2011, a glimpse of Detroit in its youth.  At one time Detroit was a strategic location over which the British and the French were vying for control.

From The Plains of Abraham by Brian Connell:

While the British delegates became increasingly distrustful of what they called the trickery, time-wasting and tergiversation of the French, their opponents were putting the delay to good effect. Probing, pinpricking and plotting with the Indians, the French were determined to nullify Britain's gains in the war.

A French officer, Celoron de Bienville (Commandant at Detroit in 1743), with a small armed party was sent to make an ostentatious display of force on the long river circuit down the Allegany and Ohio and then up the Miami and Maumee back to Detroit.

 Father Bonnecamp's Map From de Bienville's Expedition

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