Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Aftermath Of The Plains Of Abraham Battle

In the book, The Plains of Abraham ...

Vindication of earlier ignominious actions by the British was found at that battle:

"Slipping down the river towards him came the little force that was to decide the fate and future of all North America. The Indian raids on the British colonies, Washington's years of endurance on the mountain frontier, the incompetence of Braddock and Loudoun, Webb and Abercrombie were about to be avenged."

Fort Necessity in Pennsylvania

The clash at Quebec stands out almost as an isolated occurrence in most people's minds to-day, yet it was the climax of five years of bloody warfare along the borders of the British possessions in North America. The conflict has unexpected associations. It was precipitated by a skirmish in the jungle wilderness of the Ohio Valley between the French and a small party led by George Washington--not yet the Founding Father of the United States, but a loyal major in His Britannic Majesty's colonial militia.

Fort Necessity in Fayette Co., Pennsylvania

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