Sunday, August 28, 2011

Daniel Boone And The Kentuckians' Kentucky

From The Kentuckians by Janet Holt Giles:

Terrain Map Of The Cumberland Gap Area

He's [Colonel Henderson and his Transylvania Company] got Kentucky [accessed through the Cumberland Gap] for ten thousand pounds of goods offen the Cherokee.  He's got one of your great specks up his sleeve, and you've fallen for it.  Neither of us sitting by the fire together that night could look ahead and see the time when Dannel Boone would lose every acre of land the colonel deeded to him, and the thousands he staked out and claimed by his own sweat.  There was no way of knowing he would leave the country, bitter against it and so poor he had naught but his own gun to provide his living again.

Cumberland Gap With A View Of Kentucky

I went around the cabin then and sat on the doorstep.  The knoll slid down into the valley and I could see across it to the meadows widening between the hills.  We'd freed ourselves of the Henderson company.  We'd built three forts and held them against all attacks.  We'd petitioned and made ourselves into a county [Kentucky County, Virginia], and we'd formed and set up our own county government.

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