Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fort Prince George In The Story of Old Fort Loudon

From Story of Old Fort Loudon by Mary Noailles Murfree:

"Here's something from Fort Prince George," said Demere, from where he sat at the rude table with the papers scattered before him. "A goodly packet," he continued, as he broke the seal, in the expectant, pleased silence of the others. "Ensign Milne is writing--both the official communication and a long personal letter," noting the signature.

At the first glance along the lines his face fell.

"Captain Coytmore* is dead," he said in a low voice.
Murdered by the Indians he had been, in front of the fort, in the presence of the officers of his own command!

Note: It's really more about Fort Prince George and an incident involving Capt. Coytmore encountered while doing some Cameron (surname) research.

From The Cherokee:

*  The imprisonment of their ambassadors, which included the head man of almost every important Cherokee town, roused bitterness and resentment throughout the Nation. Feeling was intensified when Lieut. Richard Coytmore, Commander of Fort Prince George, with another British officer, crossed the river to the town of Keowee, forced their way into a Cherokee house and grossly abused some Cherokee women whose men were away hunting. 

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