Thursday, September 22, 2011

Found In The Comprehensive Subject Index of 1897

Here is a way to find subjects of interest in older books: The comprehensive subject index to Universal Prose Fiction:

Forest and shore Charles P Ilsley
Forest tragedy and other tales Sara J Lippincott Pseud Grace Greenwood
Foresters Jeremy Belknap
Forsaken Richard P Smith
Fort Braddock letters or Tale of the French and Indian wars in America at the beginning of the eighteenth century Anon
Fort Lafayette Benjamin Wood
Forward with the flag Mary S Robinson
Foundling of the Mohawk Newton M Curtis
Francis Berrian the Mexican patriot T Flint 
Francois de Bienville Joseph Marmette
Franklin's oath C.I.A. Chapman
Frederick de Algeroy the hero of Camden Plains Giles Gazer Pseud
From colony to commonwealth Nina Moore Tiffany
Fur seal's tooth a story of Alaskan adventure Kirk Munroe
Gideon Godbold NC Iron
Golden eagle Sylvanus Cobb Jr
Golden hair a tale of the Pilgrim fathers FCL Wraxall
Grace Dudley Charles J Peterson
Great battle year 1863 Mary S Robinson
Great treason Mary AM Hoppus
Green mountain boys an historical tale of the early settlement of Vermont Daniel P Thompson
Greyslaer Charles F Hoffman
Guatimozin ultimo emperador de Mejico Gertrudis Gomez de Avellaneda
Gun bearer Edward A Robinson
Hammer and rapier John Esten Cooke
Hardscrabble or Fall of Chicago John Richardson
Harpe's Head a legend of Kentucky James Hall
Harrington William D Q Connor
Heart's forever or Old Dominion battle grounds a tale of 1782 NC Iron
Henry Saint John a tale of 1774 1775 John Esten Cooke
Hernan Cortez en Tabasco Fermin del Rey
Hero of Cowpens Rebecca MacConkey
Higher law Edward Maitland Pseud Herbert Ainslie
Hilt to hilt or Days and nights in the Shenandoah in the autumn of 1864 John Esten Cooke
Historischer Roman Cortez Fernando
Hobomok Lydia Maria Child
Horse shoe Robinson a tale of the tory ascendency John P Kennedy Pseud Solomon Second thoughts

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