Saturday, April 14, 2012

Satirizing Rev. I. B. Howard

When searching for relatives, even a condemnation is a welcome sight!  I. B. [Isaac Brock] Howard was the son of my ancestors, William and Mary Howard, and the brother of Ann (Howard) Kennedy.

There was an anonymous satire condemning I.B. Howard, a minister of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada serving in Brantford, Ont. Minister identified through the letter the satirist states that the clergyman wrote to the " ...[i.e. Christian] guardian," v. 29, no. 33 (19 May 1858)--p. 31

The basis of this tale was an apparent misappropriation of an orphan's inheritance.  Aliases are used in this tale, but the "great Mufti" character wrote to the guardian, so that's who Rev.  I. B. Howard was supposed to be.

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