Monday, July 23, 2012

Suter And Sutter

Sutter of California is a biography of Johann Augustus Suter who was born February 23, 1803, in the village of Kandern to a family of paper-makers.  Note: According to Wikipedia, Kandern is near a landmark...from which one can see parts of Germany, France, and Switzerland.

After noticing that the surname was also spelled SUTER, I remembered that my niece and nephew's step-grandfather was a Suter.  Was there a relationship with Sutter of gold rush fame?

Hans Suter, Johann's grandfather, lived in Basle at one time.  Hans' son, Johann Jakob Suter and his wife, Christine Wilhelmine Stoberin (Stober) Suter, moved to Neuchatel from Kandern about 1819.

After four years of attending a military academy, Johann A. Suter, along with his younger twin brothers, Heinrich and Friedrich, were apprentices in Basle.  Johann A. also served as an officer in the reserve corps of the Swiss Army.

Johann, who met and married Anna Dubelt in 1823, had Johann Augustus, Jr., Anna Elisa, Emil Victor and William Alphonse.

Dreams of the United States were beckoning.  In July of 1834 Johann landed in New York with the promise of sending for Anna and the children whenever possible (it was 17 years later except for the oldest son).  He changed his name to John A. Sutter.  His adventures had just begun.

General John A. Sutter died June 18, 1880, in Washington, D.C., and is buried in Pennsylvania.

Included in Sutter of California were diary entries by Mr. Sutter.  Some of John Sutter's diary entries are online as well.

No connection between the step-grandfather Suter, son of George and Lucille (Cross) Suter of Vermont, and John A. Sutter was found (though Switzerland is a common denominator).  George Suter's ancestor, Samuel Suter, was born in Ober-Entfelden county, Aaran, Switzerland.

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