Monday, August 27, 2012

General Clark At Fort Massac

From the book, DANIEL BOONE: "George Rogers Clark's campaigns were gaining momentum; he had captured the Illinois settlements of Cahokia and Kaskaskia from the British (who had gotten them from the French)."

Plaque at Fort Massac explaining Clark's bold move to capture the Illinois settlements from the British.

A narrative from General Clark regarding his preparations:
As I (Clark) intended to leave the Ohio at Fort Massac, three leagues below the Tennessee, I landed on a small island in the mouth of that river in order to prepare for the march.
They [a party of hunters] had been but lately from Kaskaskia and were able to give us all the intelligence we wished.  ...that the militia was kept in good order--and spies on the Mississippi and that all hunters, both Indians and others, were ordered to keep a good lookout for the Rebels-- [Source]

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