Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Hero Of Ticonderoga And The Pension

From the Revolutionary War pension papers:

An affidavit given by John Backus's son, Ebenezer, stated that he (John Backus) "...was at Ticonderoga under Gen. Wayne in Captain Douglass' Company...also recollects while at Hancock [Mass.] of his father being absent again at the time of Burgoyne coming down to Stillwater, State of New York.... ."  "...his father saying that he had been in the Army the main body lying at Pawlet in the State of Vermont he having been employed in transporting provisions to a detachment at Skeensboro now White Hall in the State of New York...".

From the book:

The Hero of Ticonderoga... mentioned Captain Douglass:

Within five days of the capture of Ticonderoga, the Green Mountain Boys, under the command of Capt. Herrick, had captured Skenesborough, while another detachment under Capt. Douglass had taken Panton, a strong fort on the lake.

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