Friday, November 9, 2012

A Canadian Abolitionist In John Brown's Circle

From John Brown's Target Of Harper's Ferry

In the Recollections and experiences of an abolitionist, from 1855 to 1865, by Alexander Milton Ross, Dr. Ross recounted his dealings with the famous abolitionist, John Brown, including the telegram and letter transcribed below:

"I received a telegram from Boston informing me that Capt. John Brown, of Kansas, would meet me in Cleveland in a day or two, and that he desired to confer with me on a subject of importance, connected with the Anti-slavery cause."

A letter to Dr. Ross from the same John Brown:


October 6th, 1859. 


I shall move about the last of this month. 
Can you help the cause in the way promised ? 
Address your reply to Isaac Smith, Chambers- 
burg, Penn. ****** 

Your friend, 


Dr. Ross positioned himself in Richmond, Virginia, awaiting the outcome of John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry:

That John Brown had struck a blow that resounded throughout the Slave States was evident, from the number of telegraph despatches from all the Slave States, offering aid to crush the invasion. 

The experience of other compatriots of John Brown.

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