Friday, January 25, 2013

Bledsoes In Tennessee

Flowering of the Cumberland - Part II, by Harriette Simpson Arnow, mentioned the Bledsoes.

There was a connection between the Clendennins and the Bledsoes.  My 5th great-grandmother's first husband was John Clendenin.

The Bledsoe brothers, Isaac and Anthony, who had with several others helped survey the line, had also settled. Isaac, not to be killed until 1793, now lived at his station near present day Castalian Springs, while Anthony, already shot from ambush, had built on Greenfield’s Grant where his widow and family still lived.

This 1859 history book, History of middle Tennessee: or, Life and times of Gen. James Robertson, corroborated what was found in Ms. Arnow's book.

Fort Reconstruction In TN 

 On the night of 20th July 1788, a number of Indians approached and placed themselves in ambush... .  As he [Col. Anthony Bledsoe] opened it [the gate] he was shot down ... .  The Colonel did not expire immediately but was carried into the house while preparation were made for defense... .

The wife of Isaac Bledsoe suggested to her husband and then to her brother-in-law in view of the near approach of death that he should by will make provision for his seven daughters.  He had surveyed large tracts of land and secured grants for several thousand acres. The law of North Carolina then gave all lands to the sons to the exclusion of daughters.  Mr Clendening wrote the will; Col. Isaac Bledsoe supported his dying brother while he affixed his signature, and thus were all his children left to share in his landed estate.

But the devoted wife, whose name this providence had changed to widow, had yet to suffer from savage cruelty.

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