Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Messages In Kaskaskia

Excerpts from A SWORD OF THE OLD FRONTIER  - A TALE OF FORT CHARTRES AND DETROIT, Being a Plain Account of Sundry Adventures befalling Chevalier Raoul de Coubeit, one time Captain in the Hussars of Langucdoc, during the year 1763:


It was a queer old town, that Kaskaskia, even then seventy years established, a typical French village of 
the far frontier. [Where the dialogue below took place]

If, as you say, you sought service in these parts, how happened it you were not with us at Fort Du Quesne, and the Great Meadows? That was a time, surely, when we had use for every French sword.

I was under orders on the great river below, and heard naught of the expedition until too late to overtake you. I voyaged as far as Fort Massac at the head of twenty men; but you had already passed up the Ohio.

...there is a messenger here... . God knows how he ever got through Pontiac's scouting parties, for they had my orders to halt all such, yet here he is, bearing impudent orders from the English commandant at Detroit, one Gladwyn, that as leader of the French in this valley I disavow Pontiac, and use every endeavor to aid in his defeat.

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