Friday, February 22, 2013

Was Hamilton Sabotaged?


"Some Kentuckians eventually joined the Detroit Militia. On the other hand, part of the Detroit Militia deserted to the American side, and [Henry] Hamilton (the lieutenant-governor at Detroit also known as the "hair buyer") later declared that 'secret treason' had ruined his government at Detroit."

Was Lt. Governor Hamilton referring to his French associates with the "secret treason" sentiment, including his expedition from Detroit to Fort Sackville in Vincennes?

For the Lieutenant-Governor to employ a considerable number of French officers at Detroit, where he was in communication with stronger forces of English soldiers, was understandable; but to undertake a long and difficult journey into the wilderness...and in this isolated situation to place so much dependence upon men who had hardly forgotten their hostility to England cannot be considered an act of wisdom. [Source]

This change in loyalty, which involved the French inhabitants of Vincennes, the French volunteers in the Detroit militia, and the Indians, was fatal to Hamilton's expedition. [Source]

Or was it something else?

Hamilton's Surrender Of Fort Sackville (Vincennes) To George Rogers Clark

I don't know if Henry Hamilton was referring to his French associates, but it is a possibility.

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