Friday, September 13, 2013

Quebec's Wolfe's Cove

Text below is from The Plains of Abraham:

"Landslides over the two hundred years since have changed the configuration of the cliffs at what is now known as Wolfe's Cove and even obscured the exact point up which the British force climbed."


"They were about a hundred yards of the Quebec side of Vergor's tents. The ever-resourceful Captain McDonald misled the first sentry they found by telling him that he had been sent with a large force to take over the post and to call off the guard. The tented encampment was rushed. The picket, after a scattered volley from those awake, fled into a cornfield towards town. Vergor, who had momentarily stood his ground, was shot in the heel and captured. Not a man of the "forlorn hope" was hurt."

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