Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Virginia Militia In The Revolutionary War

Virginia militia in the Revolutionary War: McAllister's data:

"In 1776 the available militia in Virginia is thought to have been about 45,000 men; probably it was never less than 40,000, of whom possibly one-fourth saw real service."

"In 1776 a large number of Virginians were in the field against Dunmore. Some went to the relief of North Carolina and others were in the Cherokee Expedition in the West."

"In 1778 Virginia had a number of militia in the operations in the West and for defense along the frontiers."

"In 1779, Virginia was authorized to send militia to South Carolina."

"In 1780, the militia were out in large numbers."

"In 1781, 700 militia joined General Gates, some were at King's Mountain and others were serving around Norfolk. In the latter part of this year Dan'l Morgan had some of them serving in Green's Army. In 1781, practically all of the available militia of Virginia were summoned into service, taking part in the Battle of Guilford Court House, serving with Lafayette and at the Siege of Yorktown."

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