Sunday, February 16, 2014

Daniel Boone And His Fellow Pioneers

Daniel Boone's Grave In Frankfort, KY

From The New Nation Grows, Volume Two:

"So many followed the trails marked out by Daniel Boone and other pioneers that Kentucky, their favorite destination, entered the Union as a state in 1792. By 1800 it had a population of more than 200,000 and a local pride the equal of any of the older states."

"The inhabitants of Kentucky...are nearly all natives of Virginia, and particularly the remotest parts of that state; and exclusive of the gentlemen of the law, physicians, and a small number of citizens who have received an education suitable to their professions in the Atlantic states, they have preserved the manners of the Virginians. With them the passion for gaming and spirituous liquors is carried to excess, which frequently terminates in quarrels degrading to human nature. The public-houses are always crowded, more especially during the sittings of the courts of justice. Horses and law-suits comprise the usual topic of their conversation."

"The inhabitants of Kentucky eagerly recommend to strangers the country they inhibit as the best part of the United States, as that where the soil is most fertile, the climate most salubrious, and where all the inhabitants were brought through the love of liberty and independence!"

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