Sunday, March 9, 2014

Scots Of Erin

Source: Directory To Ireland

From The Irishman in Canada (1877):

"Early in our era the Scots of Erin colonised the west coast of Scotland and the adjacent islands."

"They acted with their friends in North Britain against the Roman and in the reign of Constantine's successor the Irish and Picts... ."

"There was a time when Clann nan Guidheal an guaillibha a cheile did not mean merely that a handful of Camerons or of Mackays or of Macdonalds should yoke themselves firmly together in crossing a burn or tracking a morass; far less did it teach that a small body of Celts was to be compacted together for purposes of offence towards another body of Celts."

"Even in the matter of war it is notorious how the Irish bore so brave a hand with the Highlanders in resisting the Danes, a fact of which the mixture of Irish and Scottish names and some of the confusion of Scottish and Irish history are the natural results. There is not a corner in our Scottish Highlands there is hardly a pedigree of an old Highland family which does not bear out this remark."

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