Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Supplying Detroit

From the Report of the Public Archives, by Public Archives of Canada (excerpts from the year 1761):

March 18  Fort Pitt
Has sent to Detroit 25 out of 34 oxen received from Virginia; this is the last supply he can send till he is reinforced; Campbell had better get provisions from Niagara and send Canadians to Fort Pitt for cattle, giving timely notice. Sends report of a Court of Inquiry on Mr. Baby and two traders which contains the facts.

Source Of Fort Pitt Map

June 12 Fort Pitt
Only 30 provincials arrived 70 more expected tomorrow The garrison at Ligonier relieved The sergeant's party sent to Detroit with oxen has returned after great fatigue and want; the horses carrying the flour broke down and though almost starved they did not kill one bullock. From Sandusky [Ohio] they found continual swamps and often marched middle deep in the water.

Ohio Swamp

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