Friday, April 25, 2014

Show Your Passports

"If we trace events to their unconscious causes we may say that no single day has done so much to make America strong and to make Spain weak as that day in 1801 when a Spanish officer, under his king's commission, murdered Philip Nolan, bearing the same king's passport for his lawful adventure." 

From a Detour Through History posts:

"Philip Nolan's death, as the result of an order which came originally from General Wilkinson's friend Gayoso, is still a mysterious affair. Wilkinson had not hesitated to try to hang the noose of treason about the neck of his friend Aaron Burr." [Devil's Backbone] Nolan was a business aide to General Wilkinson. Philip Nolan was a character in the novel by Edward Everett Hale in The Man Without A Country; Hale later wrote "The Real Philip Nolan" to differentiate between the character Philip Nolan and the authentic Philip Nolan.

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