Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Battle Of Savannah

Historic and picturesque Savannah:

Bombardments continued on the sixth seventh and eighth. By the ninth the allied generals determined to carry the town by assault. Again, an evil fortune dogged their efforts. On the eve of battle, a sergeant deserted to the enemy with a copy of the order of attack, and in ignorance of the country, the attack, which had been planned to come off before daylight, was delayed till the rising sun exposed their position to a forewarned, forearmed enemy.

All that fell within the redoubts were buried by the British, friend and foe alike in one sepulchre. When the ground was cut down in 1837 to fill up a place where the Central Railroad depot stands, many articles of warfare were found mementos of that day when the blood of many nations mingled their streams in the sandy soil of Savannah.

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