Thursday, September 25, 2014

Indian Agents

GA Coast
GA Mountains

 The Hornet's Nesta novel of the Revolutionary War by Jimmy Carter, is concerned with the war "as it was fought in Georgia and the Carolinas ...".  Character Reuben Starling was someone "who represented the district Indian agent."  He said that his "license could only be issued by Indian Superintendent John Stuart, who directly represents the king.  I had to show familiarity with some of the languages, post a bond, and swear my own loyalty to the crown."

"The King's superintendent, John Stuart, was competent and respected by most of the settlers and native leaders.  He did everything possible to prevent any altercations between the whites and the Indians, and the older tribal chiefs joined in this effort to preserve the peace."

"Long before Clarke reached Blue Star's home, Cameron and his family had moved once again, to join Stuart in Pensacola."

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