Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Aiming To Strike Kentucky

From The Kentuckians:

Fort Harrod Garden

...I've come by to give you news.  The British have treated with the Six Nations and the Indians are going over to their side in this war.  All the tribes north of the Ohio know of it and will take their part.  They're aiming to strike at the settlers in Kentucky, hard and often, with British guns and powder baking 'em up, and in time even British officers to lead 'em.  Henry Hamilton had put up a bounty for ever' scalp they take.  Who is Henry Hamilton.  He's the British governor at Detroit.

I went on over to Jim's cabin, thinking to have a word with him before heading back to the stockade.  And I was glad I did, for he had news.  Billy Bush was through yesterday, he said, from the Holston.  He brought word of Cap'n Clark and Jack.

Boys, Virginia has claimed title to the new country and has set it up as a new county.  Kentucky County! [news from Billy Bush]

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