Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ide's Horse From The Mexican War

Source - The Mexican War (Not Ide's Horse)

A biographical sketch of the life of William B. Ide:

 When Father came home from the War late in November, 1846, William came with him. He had earned two good horses, and Father rode home on one of them, leaving his own faithful horse, which he brought with him from Illinois, in a pasture to recruit a U. S. officer had rode him, and, for want of proper care, had made his back so sore that Father could not bear to put a saddle on him. Through this means he lost this valuable animal, for, while thus necessarily recruiting in the pasture, he was stolen, and never recovered. On loaning the use of this horse to ' Uncle Samuel,' the ' U. S. brand was put on the top of Father's  "W. I.", and afterwards the horse was claimed as U. S. property; but Father proved it to be his.

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