Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Colonel Ridley On The Move

True, he [Colonel Daniel Ridley] had been born in Tidewater, Williamsburg, Virginia, in 1737.., but the year 1755, when he was only eighteen, had found him deep in the ‘back parts.’

The Glen Near Where General Braddock Fell

A survivor of the Battle of the Wilderness, he had, after the death of General Braddock, been one of the weary marchers from the Monongahela near Fort Duquesne back to the comparative safety of Fort Cumberland.

Colonel Ridley had also fought in the Revolution, though as a borderer, he had known many battles and skirmishes undignified by the title of any war. Then, in the midst of the Revolution and while Sally was still a small child, he had taken a push still further west, settling in 1779 in what was then called the Holston Country, or the ‘back parts’ of North Carolina, in time to be known as East Tennessee.

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