Sunday, February 8, 2015

Nancy Maria (Nettie) Fowler McCormick

Source - Nettie McCormick ca 1861

Nettie (Fowler) McCormick (named Nancy Maria) was the wife of Cyrus Hall McCormick, who was the inventor of the reaper.  The invention was parlayed into the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company which evolved into the International Harvester Company.

Mrs. McCormick was born 8 February 1835, in the Jefferson County, New York, area, to Melzar and Clarissa (Spicer) Fowler.  The Fowler grandparents were Anson and Maria.  "These Fowlers had for their first American ancestor, William Fowler the Magistrate, who emigrated from England in 1637...".  Her Spicer grandparents were Silas and Nancy (Fish) Spicer.

Note:  I have Fowler ancestors from New York, so her Fowler family was especially interesting to me.  There is not a known connection to Nettie Fowler's family and mine.

Some relatives mentioned were:

Cousin, Ermina Merick
Sons, Cyrus H. McCormick and Harold F. McCormick
Daughter, Mrs. [Anita] Blaine
Niece, Kate Fowler Merle-Smith (Mrs. Van Santvoord)
Wilton Lloyd-Smith, husband of Mrs. McCormick's great-niece, Marjorie Fleming Lloyd-Smith
Nephew, Melzar Fowler

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