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The Author Of Legends

Legends Of Detroit was written by Marie Caroline Watson Hamlin.

The third daughter of Robishe [Robert Navarre], Archange Louise, born in 1770, married Dominique Gode Marantette. She was the grandmother [great-grandmother?] of Mrs. Caroline Watson Hamlin, the author of the " Legends of Detroit." [Source]


Mrs. Hamlin also wrote a piece for the Michigan Historical Collection periodical.  Here are her words:

The following incidents, like little waifs, have drifted down the current of the past into our family history. I have gathered them, for time with its bird-like rapidity will soon sweep along with its wings these souvenirs of the courteous, generous Canadians who came to colonize our beautiful city. 

More from the Grosse Pointe Historical Society:

[Theodore Parsons Hall's] wife was the former Alexandrine Louise Godfroy, who was descended from one Detroit's oldest French families. A frequent guest of the Halls was Marie Caroline Watson Hamlin, who wrote Legends of Le Detroit. The grotto on the Hall's beach commemorated an old French legend of Grosse Pointe recorded in her book.

Background information about Marie Caroline Watson Hamlin, the author of the Legends of le D├ętroitcan be found in the Red Cedar blog.  She was born in Detroit in 1850 and was married there to William Yates Hamlin in 1878.  Marie C. Hamlin died 20 June 1885 of consumption.

Springwells, Wayne, Michigan
Age: 0
Birth Year (Estimated): 1850
Birthplace: Michigan
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
John Watson M 39 Michigan
Eliza V Watson F 25 Michigan
Caroline Watson F 0 Michigan
William D Watson M 13 Michigan

Census 1880
Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
Age: 35
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Capitalist
Birthplace: Tennessee
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Carrie Godfroy Self F 40 Michigan, United States
Liza Watson Other F 30 Michigan, United States
William Hamlin Other M 35 Tennessee, United States
Carrie Hamlin Other F 32 Tennessee, United States
Mary Kelly Other F 15 Ireland
Jennie Brown Other F 23 Ireland

William Hamlin married 2nd Louise Helm [descendant of Major John Whistler], who was born in Cuba, the daughter of a Confederate sympathizer.  The Helm family moved to Newport, Kentucky, after the death of the father, Charles.

William Yates Hamlin erected a monument in honor of his father, his mother and his brother (who died in a duel).

William Hamlin, who was listed as "single," died in Detroit in 1902.

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