Monday, June 8, 2015

My Favorite Inscription!

After purchasing the book, Errands, by Judith Guest, I stood in line at the bookstore in Oscoda, to get the book signed by the author.

We had previously met at the local library when Ms. Guest was the invited speaker.  After her talk, I started to explain to Ms. Guest, picture in hand, that her mother and Jim's father [Richard S. Palm] were two of the [4?] children in the photograph, when her mother [Marion A. Nesbitt Guest] approached us and exclaimed, "That's Dick Palm, and that's ME!"  Turns out that the Nesbitts, Guests and Palms were close family friends and neighbors.

That's why this is my favorite inscription:

To The Palms

June 1997

From one who's known your name since I was born!

Best wishes

Judith Guest

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