Friday, November 20, 2015

Priscilla Larkin And Her Diary

Butterfly House -  Huntsville, Alabama, Garden

Miss Priscilla Larkin: The Civil War Diary of a Southern Belle [introduced by her great-great-grandson]:

"This is the story of a year in the life of a young lady: a most remarkable year, and a most remarkable woman."

"It is 1862, the year our Civil War will become a harsh, cruel reality to millions of Americans. As the new year begins, Priscilla Larkin [daughter of David Larkin and Elizabeth Rutledge], a twenty-two-year-old student at the Female College in Huntsville, Alabama... ."


Malbuff said...

It's very kind of you to post an entry about Priscilla. Thank you. I hope the format at was readable and understandable, and I hope my notes were of some help.

What did you think of her experiences and observations during the first full year of the War? I'd love to discuss with you.

PalmsRV said...

Hi David,

I was able to access the diary at (just checked it again). An added bonus for me was when Priscilla mentioned cousin William (Acklin) and Corrina Goodman and little Lulu. I recognized them as Acklin relatives (Corrine Acklin Goodman is my presumed 2nd cousin 4x removed).

It was an interesting read (and yes, your notes were invaluable) of a young, educated woman coming to grips with overwhelming events and yet trying to maintain some sense of normalcy (Church attendance, music, picking out silk). How sad that she died so young.

You are so lucky to have that authentic piece of family history.