Monday, March 28, 2016

The Journal Of Jacob Fowler

Fowler is an ancestral name; it is not known if there is any relationship to Jacob Fowler.

The Journal of Jacob Fowler: Narrating an Adventure from Arkansas Through the Indian Territory, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico, to the Sources of Rio Grande Del Norte, 1821-22
Jacob Fowler, F. P. Harper, 1898 - New Mexico - 183 pages

The author of this Journal is Major Jacob Fowler [born in New York in 1765]. His name is not attached to the Journal and does not appear on any of its pages in such a way as to indicate authorship. Yet it is well understood among his numerous descendants now living in Kentucky and other States that he is the author. I obtained the manuscript some years ago from Mrs. Ida Symmes Coates, daughter of the late Americus Symmes, now residing at her country seat near Louisville. Mrs. Coates is a great granddaughter on the maternal side of Jacob Fowler. The manuscript descended to her in a direct line from her mother, Frances Scott, who was a granddaughter of Jacob Fowler, and who had obtained it in the same way from her mother, Abigail Fowler, the only daughter of Jacob Fowler. 

Rio Grande

"When Fowler ascended the Rio Grande...".

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