Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Elizabeth's Life Among The Mormons

A Child of the Sea: And Life Among the Mormons, by Elizabeth Whitney Williams (see her memorial at FindAGrave).


I was born and raised in a dear little nook in York state.

There were four girls in our family, my oldest sister [Sally Hicox Minard] being deaf and dumb. My deaf sister was married to a deaf and dumb man He had a high temper and did not treat sister Nellie very kindly. After awhile Nellie came home to live with our parents, bringing her little twin babies with her. We all helped to care for them and then John, her husband, seemed more kind. Five years rolled around when one day three Mormon elders came to our village... . They visited us My mother being in she seemed greatly taken with their talk. 

Brief biographies concerning the Mormons of Beaver Island can be found on the Clarke Historical Library at Central Michigan University website here (the "H" page).

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