Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Jane McCrea In A Newly Settled District

Was Jane related to my McCrea cousins?  I do not know.

Source [Fort Edward Area]

The Life of Jane McCrea, with an Account of Burgoyne's Expedition in 1777By David Wilson:

"Jane McCrea was born at Lamington, New Jersey, about the year 1757. Her father, James McCrea, was a Presbyterian clergyman....[and] a native of Scotland...".

"The hardships and inconveniences incident to a life in a newly settled district [the Fort Edward area] were more than counterbalanced by the happiness they [Jane McCrea and her fiance, David Jones of the British Army] enjoyed."

"Events...were close at hand they had not foreseen. This fatal region, which a few years previous had been the arena upon which most of the battles for the mastery of the colonies had been contested, was destined again to become the theater of strife...".

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