Saturday, October 1, 2016

His Republican, Political And Military Character

Source - Andrew Jackson

"...the [Spanish] commander of Pensacola, Gov. Manrequez, who had aided the English and Indians, in carrying on the war with the United States, was addressed by General Jackson on the subject; Monrequez attempted to evade the subject by the usual course of diplomacy and intrigue.  The republican, the political, and the military character of General Jackson, is fully exhibited in his last letter to Manrequez, as follows [excerpt]:

Further excerpts:

"My government will protect every inch of her territory, her citizens, and her property, from insult and depredation, regardless of the political revolutions of Europe...she has sacred rights that cannot be trampled upon with impunity."

"Your excellency has been candid enough to admit your having supplied the Indians with arms.  In addition to this, I have learned that a British flag has been seen flying on one of your forts.  All this done whilst you are pretending to be neutral."

And finally:

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