Monday, October 17, 2016

Troubles With The Transylvania Company


From The Kentuckians by Janet Holt Giles:

....troubles with the Transylvania Company.... .  The year of 1777, for instance, when there were but a hundred and twenty guns in the whole of Kentucky and the British were arming and agitating the Ohio Indians against us; when we were scattered in three little settlements....

The colonel [Henderson] has got a valid title if the crown recognizes it.  Virginia and North Carolina have both repudiated him, but he hasn't sought recognition from them and isn't depending on it.  He has bought the land from the Cherokees, and it's his opinion that under the terms of the treaty at Hard Labor it was recognized by Britain as belonging to them.  He intends to set up as a proprietor under the crown.  He's purchased the land from the mouth of the Kentucky River along the boundary of the Ohio to Powell Mountain, down the ridge of that mountain to the Cumberland River, and down the Cumberland to where it flows into the Ohio.  He's already starting entering claims in the name of his company, which he calls the Transylvania Company....

...Cap'n Clark is good friends with Patrick Henry and he said he was going to have a word with him about Colonel Henderson and try to find out which way the wind is blowing back there.

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