Thursday, September 25, 2008

Going To Texas

Reading Texas by James A. Michener for some background as we head toward Texas this Fall. Some reviews of the novel can be found here. A timeline and events featured in the film version of Texas can be found here.

A County Formation map helps to illustrate Texas's geopolitcal formation. A map of Spanish Texas of 1835 helps with the geography found in the novel, Texas.

Of course The Alamo is an important symbol both in the "real Texas" as well as as the novel.

Some parallels to my genealogical research are:

Nathan Bush, who may have been part of Stephen Austin's colony (and if not, arrived soon after), was my niece & nephew's ancestor, was also mentioned here. A similar mention of Nathan Bush was found here. A short bio focused on Nathan & Judith (Thacker) Bush's son, J. Howard Bush, of Terry's Texas Rangers, can be found here. Judith (Thacker) Bush is listed as a Citizen of the Republic of Texas here. Nathan Bush was on the 1840 Tax List (Austin Co., Texas). Members of the Nathan Bush family were buried here on land that was apparently purchased from James Stephenson by Nathan (N.W.) Bush. Waller Co, Texas, adjacent to Austin Co., has Nathan Bush on its list of landowners here.

To be continued.....

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