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Twilight Of Empire - Captive Hall Girls - Part Two

Twilight Of Empire (Narratives Of America - Book VI), by Allan W. Eckert, included the capture of sisters Sylvia and Rachel Hall at the Indian Creek Massacre in May of 1832 in LaSalle County, Illinois (see Blog Post Part One). As this reference stated, "...Stillman's defeat by Blackhawk many private quarrels between Indians and whites provided the pretext to settling scores, including the one between Keewassee and William Davis." The Hall family and others stayed in the Davis Settlement in a futile attempt to find a safe place against frontier violence.

Sylvia & Rachel Hall were captured by Mike Girty's band of Pottawatomi [see the Mike Girty at Wikipedia]. The girls were ransomed and released in June of 1832. Both married and lived long lives.

Rachel Hall married William Munson and had the following children:

Amanda Miranda Munson who married Samuel Dunavan

Elliott Munson

Irena Priscilla Munson m. George Vance

Melissa Fidelia Munson who married George Debold Shaver

Phoebe Matilda Munson married John F. Reed
The daughter of John & Phoebe (Munson) Reed, Winifred, married Mountain Kennesaw Landis (see his entry at FindAGrave)
Frances, daughter of John & Phoebe (Munson) Reed married James H. Eckels, Comptroller of Treasury under President Grover Cleveland (see Wikipedia entry for Mr. Eckels here)

William Marcy Munson m. Dora E. Shaver


Lewis Cass m. Emma Belle Mallay

Sylvia Hall married Reverend William Stribling Horn in 1833 in Putnam County, Illinois. The girls were brought to Rock County, Wisconsin in 1832 per the History of Rock County found here. (The FindAGrave entry for Sylvia (Hall) Horn).

Charles Martin Scanlan, author of Indian Creek Massacre and Captivity of the Hall Girls..., written in 1915, was given this account by descendants of the Hall girls, including Mrs. A. Miranda Dunavan, daughter of Rachel (Hall) Munson, and Miss Sylvia E. Horn of Lincoln, Nebraska, Mr. C.L. Horn of Mackinaw, Illinois, grandchildren of Sylvia (Hall) Horn.

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