Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Twilight Of Empire - Part Six - Major John Garland

Twilight Of Empire by Allan W. Eckert basically ends with Major John Garland escorting Black Hawk and others to the East Coast, then back through the Midwest and eventually toFort Armstrong at Rock Island, Illinois, at the end of the Black Hawk War. [See my June 2009 blog about Garland and his family and its connection to Flint, Michigan].

Page 620: "Major Garland, leading the erstwhile prisoners, who had suddenly become tourist celebrities, took them for a visit of the Gosport Navy Yard at Norfolk, Virginia....". "...next morning embarked up the length of Chesapeake Bay to Baltimore on the steamboat Columbus."

Page 622: President Andrew Jackson told Black Hawk that..."Major Garland, who is with you, will conduct you through some of our towns. You will see the strength of the white people." "Major Garland then escorted Black Hawk's group to Philadelphia, including a visit to the Philadelphia Mint...".

Page 623 - A trip to Boston was cancelled, so "they started up the Hudson River in a steamboat, and along the way Major Garland pointed out to Blackhawk the United States Military Academy at West Point and explained what was done there." Blackhawk replied that "it surprises me that you have a place of national dance for your young men, as I did not think the whites understood our way of making braves," and that "we (the Indians) have a national dance to make our warriors--where the old warriors recount to their young men what they have done, to stimulate them to go and do likewise."

Page 625 - "A short stay was made in Detroit, but once again affairs got ugly when Black Hawk and the other five Indians of his party were hanged and burned in effigy in the streets."

Page 625: At Prairie du Chien Wabokieshiek and his adopted son were released to the custody of Joseph Street and "the remaining four were taken down the Mississippi River by Major Garland to Fort Armstrong on Rock Island."

In The Life and times of Stevens Thomson Mason, the boy governor of Michigan, was the following quote: "But the greatest event of the day came when at about three o'clock in the afternoon the steamship Superior arrived with the old warrior Black Hawk, his son, The Thunder, and a few members of his band under the escort of Major John Garland in whose suite was young Lieutenant Jefferson Davis."

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