Thursday, June 21, 2012

The First Battle of the French And Indian War?

From their position in Detroit, French and Indians swooped down to the English settlement at Pickawillany (in present day Ohio).

Timeline of the French-Indian War, including this excerpt:

1752 June 21  -  English settlement at Pickawillany is destroyed by French
French and Indians from Detroit take Pickawillany – the most important English trading post in the area – by surprise.  The Pickawillany site – the earliest known permanent settlement in Ohio [near the present-day town of Piqua, Ohio] – was destroyed during the attack and never occupied again.

The destruction of Pickawillany has been called the first battle of the French and Indian War – the war that finally ended France's dream of vast colonial empire in the New World.

From The Plains of Abraham by Brian Connell:

...killing their chief, called variously "Old Briton" and La Demoiselle"... that was in June 1752.  Although none of the British traders had been harmed, the incident alarmed (Virginia Governor) Dinwiddie.

Additional information from The Plains of Aamjiwnaang's blog and also in Frontier Partisans.

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