Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stoddard's Triple Play In Louisiana

The Final Challenge, The American Frontier, 1804-1845, by Dale Van Every, reminded us of an historic event that took place in St. Louis, the provincial capital of Upper Louisiana, in March 1804:

"Seldom in the history of international relations has possession of so vast and valuable a territory passed in a single transaction, and certainly never has so great a prize been transferred among three nations in the span of 24 hours."  

"The commissioner of France who accepted title for France on the first day was Captain Amos Stoddard of the Army of the United States.  On the second day French Commissioner Amos Stoddard handed the reins of government to American Governor Amos Stoddard."

The Library of Congress's Thomas Jefferson online exhibit has a couple of items relating to this event.

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