Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bryan's Station

"[Bryan's Station] was founded by four Bryan brothers from North Carolina,William, Morgan, James and Joseph....". [Note: My niece and nephew's ancestress, Mary (Bryan) Bush, was related to the Bryans of Bryan Station.] 

"How little did these rich acres cost in gold; how much did they cost in suffering and in blood."

"Thanks to the blow inflicted by the genius of Clarke in his Vincennes campaign, the Indians halted for a little season in their work of murder... ."

" December 1779 and January 1780...the Commissioners appointed by Virginia [arrived] to settle land claims. ...pioneers gathered in to get the certificates that meant so much to them... ."

"It was while this court was in session that the Bryans, who had rested secure in the belief that they were the owners of the station land by right of settlement, met the first of a series of discouragements that caused them to abandon the place."

The Bryans were determined to return to North Carolina, which they did in August of 1780.

"Clark's expedition against the Piqua Indians...restored confidence [and] immigrants began again to pour into the country...[many] settled at Bryan's making the station stronger than ever."

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