Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Gaelic Songs

A book of Gaelic Songs that are in Gaelic!  I picked the one below because of the text in English; "Hail to the Chief."

In reissuing the songs of the late Dr. [John] MacLachlan (1804-1874)...[is] a desire to give their countrymen, in a handy form a measure of the pure mother tongue... .  Dr. Clerk, Kilmaillie says "as to his poetical powers and his exquisite ear for rhythm, there need be no reticence; he was a poet and a very sweet singer." 

Annraoi de Paor (Gaelic for the surname Power) and my brother had an exact Y-DNA match at the 25 marker!  He lives in Ireland and is steeped in the Gaelic language and culture.  I thought of him when I found this book.

We (Mr. de Paor and his brother, Mr. Con Power) corresponded for quite a while (then discovered that the DNA deviated and while still a match at the 37 marker, was not as close as originally thought).

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